About Us



Shivhem was started 25 years ago in the oil industry by Mr. Sharma Ramnarine. In 1994 he migrated from the Caribbean to Houston, Texas where he continued to supply high quality equipment for his clients. In 2017, Mr. Ramnarine ventured into the world of manufacturing. His philosophy is thats there is room for everyone in this industry to grow together

Supporting everyone from the local logistic companies to partnering with international suppliers; he strives to continuously evolve and provide the best equipment and service to his clients. Mr. Sharma Ramnarine believes it’s not just about business, it’s about growing a family that heals and helps all!

Mr. Sharma Ramnarine

Shivhem is a family owned business with loyalty and respect as it's core values.
Our mission is to bring affordable prices and personal service to the manufacturing industry

Meet Our Team

Shivhem loves to work with small businesses to provide the right solutions for your needs. We know how valuable your time and energy are. That's why we offer affordable solutions and hassle free deployment to get you up and running quickly!

Sham Chadee

Regional Operations Manager